GPPi Golf Editorial Package

Golf Property Promotions Ink is pleased to provide the following products and services to the owners and managers of upscale public access golf facilities:

The cost is:
$899 US$'s plus taxes annually for each editorial produced. This amount will be invoiced to your business within 30 days of our GPPi staff inspecting the property and gathering the data necessary for your property's feature editorial.

Here's what you get for your $899:

1) A professionally written feature editorial about your golf facility will be published in your regional issue but distributed worldwide and available on our Golf Destination Review website at all times throughout the year. The GPPi Golf Editorial Package also includes our full Advertising Package valued at $249. Visit the Advertising Package page on the GPPi website to see what it includes.

2) Professional photo(s) of your golf facility will be included with the editorial.

3) Credit in the distribution section of the publication and all other sections where your golf personnel have contributed to the publication.

4) A professionally created link from our industry partners page directly to your website.

5) Your website link and your review will be made available 24 hours a day 7 days a week on our Golf Destination Review website.

6) Each facility's editorial will be updated annually and/or as information and changes are reported to our writers by the golf property. We guarantee that our information is current.

7) Aggressive, proactive distribution of your editorial to over 4,000,000 and growing golf interested contacts including: golf travel writers, golf tour operators, travel agents, golf club memberships, employee groups, golf tours, plus many other golf connected groups and associations around North America and the world.

8) Inclusion in our North/South - Winter/Summer cross marketing program with Northern Michigan, Southern California, Arizona, Ohio and Ontario Canada. 

9) Automatic inclusion on our highly visible and well marketed website along with some of the finest and most prestigious golf industry operators in Arizona, Ohio, Michigan and Ontario, Canada.

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